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Teaching with Manhattan Prep hasn’t just allowed me to make a difference in the lives of my students; it has changed my life as well. The opportunity to provide crucial support to aspiring professionals and academics makes work with Manhattan more than just a job—it’s a source of pride and purpose.
Instructor Manager and
GMAT/GRE Teacher
I have my dream job. Every day, I get to do something I love with amazing colleagues, from the fellow teachers who geek out over standardized tests the way I do to the dedicated folks who make the entire company run, all of whom are as passionate about their jobs as I am about mine.
Academics Manager and
We are always pushing the boundaries of better education as a company, leaving no room for dull days. I live for this thrill, this challenge. Every once in a while, we’re given opportunities that leave indelible effects on our lives; when you work at Manhattan Prep, you WILL experience this EVERY time you come into work.
Web Developer
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