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We believe GRE prep should be real education that prepares you not just for the test, but for the challenges you’ll face as you earn your graduate degree and advance your career.

What type of prep do you need?

Regardless of what type of graduate program you’re planning to apply to, we have the right course for you.

GRE Private Tutoring

1-on-1 personalized prep with an expert GRE instructor.


Meet Your Total MBA Prep Package

Cover all your bases with Unlimited Prep for Aspiring MBAs. Attend as many GRE® for MBA, GMAT, and EA classes as you want, meet one-on-one with an instructor, and craft your perfect application with an admissions consultant. The possibilities are unlimited.

Meet our accomplished GRE instructors

Get to know the 99th-percentile-scoring experts who help students become masterful problem solvers, advanced thinkers, and GRE conquerors. Our teachers include MBA and PhD graduates as well as experienced GRE curriculum authors, all of whom have years of GRE teaching experience.

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Not all GRE prep is created equal

Prepare for the GRE your own way. Immerse yourself in comprehensive GRE coursework or start with more targeted, adaptive GRE prep. Whatever direction you choose, our expert GRE resources, courses, and instructors will equip you for the test.


Our instructors are experienced teachers that adapt to your individual learning style.


We limit our class size to achieve the right balance of individual attention and active participation.


Our curriculum is written by our instructors, based on actual exam questions, and updated regularly.


Who said test prep has to be boring? Our teachers make even the driest material interesting.

Free GRE Resources

Whether you want to learn more about the GRE or refine the skills you’ve already built, this is a great place to start. These free GRE resources complement your GRE course or stand alone as a good way to ease into your studies.

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Frequently Asked Questions About GRE Prep

  1. Manhattan Prep is the premier provider of GRE test prep. Our 99th percentile scoring instructors use their years of teaching experience to create all of our lessons, books, practice problems, and other study materials. Many of them earned their GRE score by studying exclusively MPrep materials. They’ll teach you to ace the GRE just like they did!

Absolutely! Our GRE instructors are first-class and our resources span from hundreds of GRE Vocab flashcards to classes that teach all the strategy you’ll need for test day. Use what you need to get to the level you want.

It varies depending on how much time you want with a GRE teacher. If you prefer a live test prep course (with all GRE study materials included), you’ll spend about $1,399 to $1,599. On-demand prep courses with interactive video lessons will cost between $299 and $499. A Foundations of Math GRE Course will cost only about $200.

A lot of people think that Manhattan Prep GRE practice tests are harder than the real thing. We do our best to mimic the official exams as closely as we can...but we also don’t want the real test to feel harder than anything you’ve ever practiced. So, yes, if we do have to err on one side or the other, we try to err a little on the harder side. (We do adjust our scoring algorithm, though, to try to mimic as closely as possible the score that you might get on the real test.)

As accurate as possible. We’ve studied all the released test questions and developed a scoring algorithm that closely matches the real GRE. Manhattan Prep also hosts the only adaptive GRE practice tests that include an unscored experimental section, making Manhattan Prep the only place that recreates the full structure and experience of the official test.

Preparation is essential for the GRE. The best preparation depends on you as a student, your starting point, and your goal score. If you’re a great self-studier, the Interact Lessons may be a perfect fit. If you get a lot out of working with an instructor, a course or tutoring may be better. Whatever you decide, develop a study schedule and check in frequently to make sure you’re making the progress you intended.

An average GRE score is around 150 to 153 for each section. A good GRE score depends entirely on your goal school. Some schools put a high emphasis on the GRE, and others don’t. A “good” GRE score can be anywhere from 150 to 170. Explore your goal school’s site to see where they want you to fall on that spectrum.

On average, students tend to study about 3 months for the GRE, though some spend significantly more or less time than that. An in-depth look at the GRE, either through a course or self study, often takes around 2 months, and we recommend an additional month of review and practice after that to perfect the new skills you are developing. Typically students study around 10-20 hours per week during that 3 month period.

It depends entirely on your current comfort level with the GRE and your ultimate goal. Improving your GRE score requires mastering content you may have forgotten or maybe never even learned, along with developing new skills that apply specifically to the test. The GRE is not an easy exam, and most test-takers will have to devote at least a few hours a week for a couple of months to studying before they feel prepared.

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