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Manhattan Prep provides our corporate clients convenient access to high-quality instructors, comprehensive materials, and unparalleled programs—all at a deeply discounted rate. Whether on-site at your offices or through our online classroom, you can bring Manhattan Prep to your company.

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What We Offer

Our clients receive access to our outstanding programs at an exclusive discounted rate.

We offer classes on-site directly at your offices for the GMAT, LSAT, or GRE. We also offer live online courses, on-demand interactive courses, and private tutoring. Whatever your needs, we can help your employees prepare for test day.

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Why Manhattan Prep?

Manhattan Prep was founded by Zeke Vanderhoek, a Teach for America alumnus with one radical idea: students learn better from better teachers. His vision of what test prep could be if taught by great educators led him to assemble the most highly qualified team of teachers in test prep, recruiting only those with 99th percentile scores and substantial teaching experience.

Since we began, Manhattan Prep has grown from a boutique tutoring company to one of the world’s leading test prep providers.

What our corporate students are saying

“The structure and resources provided by the Manhattan Prep class were instrumental to my GMAT score, as well as the fact that I was able to reach that score in only 10 weeks of studying. My instructor’s experiences and customized approach were some of the most valuable resources, so I firmly believe that I would not have been as successful had I studied entirely on my own. Taking the course with my coworkers made it even more effective because people felt safe participating the class – volunteering answers and asking questions that we might otherwise be embarrassed to say in front of strangers – and was conducive to setting up office study groups. The class removed so much stress from my life and allowed me to shift my focus to the applications quickly and painlessly.”

Connect With Us

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